Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance
Irrigation Installation & Maintenance


Cutting Edge Industries will make sure that your grass is green, your flowers are bright and beautiful, and your trees stand tall and strong. Cutting Edge makes all this happen by installing the proper irrigation system for your property, residential or commercial.

Irrigation Design

Our Professional Irrigation Advisor will design a state-of-the-art Irrigation system for your property; whether Residential or Commercial.

Irrigation Installation

A professional adviser from Cutting Edge Industries will assess your needs. It is very important to install and maintain the proper irrigation system for healthy grass, plants, and trees.

Remote Monitoring

Cutting Edge Industries serves its customers 24 hours a day by Remote Monitoring. By Remote Monitoring Cutting Edge will be notified if there are any changes with irrigation or soil. There are different monitoring features to choose from.

Irrigation Monthly Maintenance

Cutting Edge Industries will come to your property every month to maintain your irrigation system, making sure there are no leaks or damage. This is a necessary service to reduce wasted water, run-off and overwatering so that grass, plants and trees remain healthy.

Pump and Well Installation

Cutting Edge specializes in Lake bank and beach restoration involve revitalizing and enhancing the ecological integrity and aesthetic appeal of lake shorelines and beaches. Our restoration projects have resulted in healthier ecosystems and more resilient shoreline environments for future generations.

Pump and Well Repair

Cutting Edge Industries can diagnose and repair all types of Pumps & Well issues. Whatever appears to be amiss, Cutting Edge will evaluate and address the issue.

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