Arbor Services

Arbor Services
Arbor Services

Tree Trimming

Cutting Edge Industries believes that trimming trees is a very important safety feature, as well as maintaining healthy growth. Keeping trees well pruned and trimmed will enhance the beauty of any property residential or commercial.

Stump and Root Grinding

Customers may choose to remove or just grind the stump or root, Cutting Edge will suggest the best option. We also will keep in mind if any of the roots or stump are creating a safety issue.

Stump Removal

Cutting Edge Industries makes removing a tree stump easy, safe and affordable. Being knowledgeable in the technique of this process is a very important factor.

Tree Removal and Relocation

Cutting Edge Industries has highly trained professionals to remove one or more trees. This service will be done in a safe and timely manner. Cutting Edge has been providing tree removal and relocation services to residential and commercial properties for over 15 years.

Tree Installation

Picking the right tree or trees can be a difficult process, let Cutting Edge Industries make it easy. Cutting Edge Professional Designers can suggest what tree can be the best for the area in question, considering the light source, size of the area and type of irrigation.

Corrective Pruning

Cutting Edge Industries will make sure that all trees and shrubs will be pruned correctly. By doing corrective pruning we ensure the customer of controlling the growth of their trees and shrubs, as well as growth direct, health and appearance. Corrective pruning is necessary for proper maintenance.

Root Barrier

Trees and plants will flourish in the right areas and their roots will continue to expand. A root barrier works to naturally contain these roots and protect both crops and structures nearby. This preserves the space you currently have, your tree root barrier will also save you money in the long run!.

Silva Cells

Silva Cells are a type of suspended pavement which prevents soil from getting compacted around tree roots allowing them to grow freely without damaging sidewalks and roadways. The Silva Cells allow the trees to get the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow larger and live for many years.

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