Landscape Maintenance

Cutting Edge Landscaping division offers a customized maintenance program especially designed for each and every customer. Every customer may want or need different landscape services, as well as when those services may need landscape maintenance. Cutting Edge will access what is needed and discuss all options with the customer!

Landscape Design

Cutting Edge Industries is an exceptionally talented and knowledgeable company, providing the customer with a superior landscaping design. All landscape designs will be drawn to scale, with a detailed planting layout. Cutting Edge Professionals will always keep in mind the customer’s vision of their natural scenery.

Landscape Lighting

Cutting Edge Industries can enhance the beauty of all residential /commercial properties by illuminating any landscape feature. As well as accent lights, lighting is a very important safety feature for walkways, paths, and entryways. Cutting Edge will also provide full support and maintenance for your landscape lighting.

Landscape Installation

Along with Cutting Edge Industries landscape designs, comes the art of installing all trees, plants or various types of scrubs. Sunlight, soil and irrigation are all very important factors for our professionals to consider before any installation can be done. Options may be offered, keeping the customers preference in mind!

Retaining Walls

Cutting Edge Industries will offer the best solution and design for the site in question! Our architectural professionals will inform the customer of all the materials that can be used for the retention. Cutting Edge has provided their clients throughout the South Florida area with quality workmanship!


Cutting Edge Industries knows how important it is to enrich, insulate and improve fertility of the soil around you plants. Cutting Edge will access your soil whether it is for commercial design or residential gardens. A proposal will be written up along with your FREE estimate.


Before Cutting Edge Industries begins any project, they will access the area which may need some sort of foundation. Cutting Edge is committed to meeting all the customer’s needs. The customer may choose to use a variety of decorative rocks, which needs no maintenance and is permanent!

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